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How to use the online shop.

1. You will need:
a. A Credit card and/or a Paypal Account.
b. A Delivery address for your products in the UK.

2. REGISTER YOUR DETAILS. For the best results go to the Register link in the top right hand corner of the website and register your details with the Shop. You will need:
a. Your Name, First Name and Surname.
b. Your Postal Address for the products.
c. A genuine Email address that is used to verify your account.

3. EXISTING ACCOUNT. If you have already registered with us, just Login. Use the MY ACCOUNT link. If you have forgotten your login details, use your normal Email address to request a password reminder from the Shop.

4. SELECT PRODUCTS. Once you have an account or you are logged in, use the search box or product menus to find the products or product types that you desire. Once you have found the products, just type in the desired quantity and “Add to cart”.

Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping

5. THE CART. Your products will appear in the cart on the top right hand side of the website.
a. By Clicking on the Cart, the contents will appear.
b. Items can be added by just adding to cart additional items by continuing to shop OR
c. Removed them by using the X button to remove.

a. Use the Proceed to Checkout or Paypal Checkout button to move to the Paypal Payment gateway. Complete your purchase.

7. CONFIRMATION. Once your purchase is complete you will receive purchase confirmation with details of your products from the shop and Paypal.

a. Your personal information will remain confidential within the HoneysuckleYard part of the 8Acres Group and will not be passed on to any other 3rd party organizations or companies.

b. Your Payment for products or services made via Paypal will appear on your Bank Statement as the 8 Acres Group.

c. Whilst you may get an Email from the shop on a monthly basis with details of current offers, you should not expect to get “ANY” other Emails from us. If you have any concearns that you are receiving unsolicited Emails regarding our products, please contact our customer services team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Clinical Products

Mediderma Products are now available for all registered Clinicians.

1. Create a user account. [Go]

2. Register as a Clinician. [Go]

3. Once registered as a Clinician, all the Mediderma products will appear once you are logged in.